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Care and Share

In the post “Stirring Each Other Up”, I shared some thoughts on actively seeking out others to care about and share God’s Word with at our places of work, in our neighborhoods, or at the schools we attend.  The lost … Continue reading

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Stirring Each Other Up

Paul and his party left Ephesus and headed to Tyre. In Acts 21:1-6, we are told that as soon as they landed from the voyage that had lasted about a week, Paul set out immediately to seek a Bible teaching … Continue reading

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Feeding the Soul with Thoughts of a Believer

In the post Ready for His Return at all Times I wrote about the need to pay attention to our spiritual health; getting ready for each day by feeding our souls with healthy thoughts and using our abilities to glorify … Continue reading

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Ready For His Return At All Times

As Jesus explains in Luke 12:35-59, we should be ready for His return at all times because it will be when we least expect it (v. 40). If we knew the Lord would be returning within 30 days, we might … Continue reading

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Week in Review

This week, I have been posting some thoughts after a study of Revelation 8-9. The study made me think about the origins of life and the earth’s future. I also thought about the theory of evolution and the problem this theory … Continue reading

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