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Applying the Word

The Word of God is living and active. – Hebrews 4:12 Shared in the post “Grow to Know” was how Samuel listened to the Lord. In the same way, we can listen to the Lord by reading and reflecting on … Continue reading

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Grow to Know

Photo Source – Bing Images This day with God, we will grow to know Him by learning from the past, being attentive to the present, and prepared for the future as we reflect on His Word. Reading in 1 Samuel … Continue reading

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Care and Share

In the post “Stirring Each Other Up”, I shared some thoughts on actively seeking out others to care about and share God’s Word with at our places of work, in our neighborhoods, or at the schools we attend.  The lost … Continue reading

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Stirring Each Other Up

Paul and his party left Ephesus and headed to Tyre. In Acts 21:1-6, we are told that as soon as they landed from the voyage that had lasted about a week, Paul set out immediately to seek a Bible teaching … Continue reading

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Feeding the Soul with Thoughts of a Believer

In the post Ready for His Return at all Times I wrote about the need to pay attention to our spiritual health; getting ready for each day by feeding our souls with healthy thoughts and using our abilities to glorify … Continue reading

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