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Strands Together

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge in which the load-bearing portion is hung below suspension cables. These cables are strands of metal wire twisted together like a rope. Because this cord of strands are together, it is not … Continue reading

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Carry On Day By Day

Like a reservoir of water that collects from rain or from melting snow to create this amazing lake named Lake Tahoe, we need to store up the Word of God for encouragement to carry on day by day. We have … Continue reading

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The Power Source

Because of Jesus, we receive the Holy Spirit to impact the world with a fresh breeze of peace and joy. You are connected to a power source that generates amazing grace that fuels your soul to a victorious finish. Reading … Continue reading

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Work Toward Dreams with Determination

Life is short so set sail on your destination. Go places you never thought you could go. Dream big and work toward your dreams with determination. Then as you accomplish what you set out to do, take the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Leadership Being Passed On

The photo was taken at the homecoming parade of my high school. It’s a tradition built over the years when classmates get together to decorate a float and share in the memories of the past. The location I took this … Continue reading

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