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Originally posted on Step Ahead:
In Old Testament times, Words to the listener Was as binding As a signature. Not meeting commitments Meant a broken trust And the relationship Went totally bust. Today’s leaders Should be held to account In…

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Useful Faith

Reading today in 1 Samuel 4, the Word of God will be absorbed into our heart and set our mind ready so that goodness naturally flows outward much like water overflows from a waterfall. Our faith will be applied in … Continue reading

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Grow to Know

Photo Source – Bing Images This day with God, we will grow to know Him by learning from the past, being attentive to the present, and prepared for the future as we reflect on His Word. Reading in 1 Samuel … Continue reading

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Special Days

Originally posted on Step Ahead:
Before Christ, offerings Involved preparation But now, there is No hesitation. By accepting Christ, There is rest And each day is special So offer God your best. Enthusiastically Live with devotion, Spur each other on,…

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Regard for the Lord

Just a click away are Christian blogs, uplifting music, and Sermons available from any place or any time that will help us step ahead to victory. That’s why we are taking in the Lord’s Word today in 1 Samuel 2:12-36. … Continue reading

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