Grow to Know

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This day with God, we will grow to know Him by learning from the past, being attentive to the present, and prepared for the future as we reflect on His Word. Reading in 1 Samuel 3, the chief priest at Shiloh was named Eli but he had been inconsistent in his service for the Lord by failing to restrain his sons who were taking more than their share of the meat sacrifice offerings made by the people. His sons were also sleeping with the women who served the sacrifices.

The Lord’s people began to talk so the sinful actions of Eli’s sons were known by many. Because of their sin, God brought judgment upon Eli and his family. Then, Samuel was chosen by the Lord to take over the priestly functions.

Samuel was trained over the years and then God reveals himself and his Word to Samuel by speaking to him. The people of Israel knew that the Lord was with Samuel because they recognized that Samuel would listen and pass on messages from God to the people. Samuel had become a prophet of God.

It’s important that we get good instructions from the Lord by reading, studying, listening, and reflecting on the Word. The Lord will reveal himself to us so we grow to understand what we need to do as we gain experience. By understanding the Word and applying what we know to each situation, we can be a leader of people toward God’s Way.

This day with You Lord, we want to know and grow in Your Way. We believe that You can use us to do amazing things! Instill in us the desire to know You and Your Word. The discipline to follow You and that our aim is true. Help us make it through with You by our side. We believe that we will accomplish great things for You and our dreams will come true because we continue to keep Your Word in view. Amen.

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5 Responses to Grow to Know

  1. Excellent insight this morning. Thanks. Love this:: “It’s important that we get good instructions from the Lord by reading, studying, listening, and reflecting on the Word.”

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  2. Myheartscry says:

    I’m trying to get into the word more. I read the Bible with my daughter each day during our homeschool time but less often by myself. Thx for this encouragement.


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