Treasures for the Soul

This day with God will be amazing because even though we are never 100% prepared for anything in life, God will make up the difference and we can step ahead with confidence. Today, we walk through Hebrews 6:1-8 as the journey continues.

The victory is for all who belong to Christ Jesus. The world has a way of looking for faults and exposing them so we end up never being good enough but with God there is no need to get stressed out. He’s big enough to make up the difference and provide that extra so we can finish a step ahead each day.

Today, we examine characteristics of being enlightened which is noticing God all around us, relying on the Spirits’ prompting, and applying the Word so we share in the promise of a glorious future. From today’s passage, the author makes the comment that it is impossible to become enlightened but then reject what God has to offer for the future.

Like in the picture below, branded in our mind is the Creators promise for a glorious future. Like a flourishing countryside of hills dressed in flowers, the morning sunrise rising over the hillside, or the glowing sunset slowly lowering into the valley below.

Photo Source – “Bing.” Microsoft. N.p., n.d. Web. Images >.

On the Journey from here to there Lord, we need a life transforming relationship with You. We are each wonderfully made and You can take both our assets and liabilities and turn them into treasures for the soul. Today is the day we step ahead with confidence going from the basics to true spiritual growth. Amen.


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