Poetry Friday 12-02-2022

A poem posted at my other blog Step Ahead is inspired by the post with the same title at this link. The takeaway in today’s passage is that when facing difficulty, don’t get discouraged but remain optimistic. The Bible tells us who wins so place your bet on Jesus, be inspired by how Jesus suffered and ultimately became victorious, don’t get angry, don’t blame others for current difficulties, or worry but have hope and claim a bright future.

After college, I traveled for three weeks in Europe with a high school buddy and took this photo of the Swiss Alps. Our Creator produced a masterpiece when He made the Swiss Alps. Thinking about this photo, I’m reminded of the song Greatness of Our God by Newsboys. Some of the lyrics go like the following:

In awesome wonder,
He reigns forever.
No one can stop Him;
His power is endless
And He lives within us.
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Renew Your Strength

Those who hope in the Lord
   will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
   they will run and not grow weary,
   they will walk and not be faint. – Isaiah 40:31

Applying our faith from lessons learned as highlighted in the post “Strength for the Challenge” provides us with food for the soul and what we need to take on the challenges we face.

David’s greatness came from the fact that he relied on God’s power and did as God instructed. David understood that God controls the future and could give the proper direction as he provided leadership for the good of his people.

Let us give praise to God for His strength with the song Great are You Lord by One Sonic Society. Give glory to God with an attitude of praise throughout this day.

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Strength for the Challenge

This day with God, we can wake up to the fact that there is an amazing life available now and for eternity. We may have concerns, doubts or worries but we can be assured that we will receive strength for the challenge. Because of this confidence, we can live out this day with boldness and courage.

Today in 2 Samuel 5, we are rekindling and renewing our strength with nourishment from God’s Word. We read today that the tribes of Israel anointed David as king of Israel. They were his own flesh and blood and David had led them on their military campaigns in the past. We read today that Jerusalem was like a fortress. It was a stronghold for the Jebusites but David eventually conquered it.  

David’s greatness came from the fact that he relied on God’s power and did as God instructed. David understood that God controlled the future and could give the proper direction. As David applied his faith in God, he provided leadership for the good of his people.

What do you call a pencil that has two erasers? Pointless.1 So is faith without works but today we are building up our faith so that it is meaningful by receiving a lesson from God’s Word. The lesson today is that our strength comes from God and we should apply our faith by following the lessons learned.

This day with You God, our faith is rekindled and renewed with more strength to take on the challenges before us. You believe in us so we pray that we receive this confidence and apply our faith to accomplish more than we could ever imagine in Jesus name … Amen.

*Jokes for days. (2021). Funny Editor – Jokes for Days. https://www.funnyeditor.com

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Lead and Achieve

Show me Your ways, Lord, teach me Your paths. Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long. – Psalm 25:4-5

The Lord is our leader and if we follow His lead, we will achieve things that are meaningful and that make an impact upon society. These thoughts were brought out in “Show Me Your Way”. A thought from this post is that leaders who are consistent in the way they handle wrongs done to others establish peace within societies because people know what is expected. Then there is justice, fairness, consideration, and cooperation.

As the song Take The Lead by Jimmy Levy says, anything can be achieved if we follow the lead of God.

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Show Me Your Way

To get to where we want to go, we need directions. The Bible is our instruction manual and living the way many of the characters lived teaches us to lead a life that is meaningful and makes an impact on the world. This day with God, we receive more directions to the Way from 2 Samuel 4.

Two commanders of Israel killed the son of Saul named Ish-Bosheth thinking David would reward them for killing his enemy but David responded by putting them to death. Again we note how David responded to opportunists who were trying to be recognized by him in order to receive a reward.

David could have been tempted to reward them because the cruel deed did speed up his ascension to being king of Israel but like David, we need to be careful even in the “minor” things because above all, we are accountable to the Lord who knows all things.

Leaders need to be consistent in the way they handle wrongs done to others because this consistency sets the tone for more peace within societies. The people know what is expected from them and they are not rewarded for unethical behavior. There is the opportunity for more justice, fairness, consideration and cooperation within a society.

This day with You Lord, show us Your Way. The Way of high standards but with grace, the Holy Spirit, and the power needed to grow each day towards these high standards. As we get prepared this day to follow Your Way, may we continue to follow your lead and apply our faith towards a life that has meaning; a life that makes an impact so many are directed towards Your Way. Amen.

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