God’s Perfect Timing

Over the summer, I did a study on ways to use the time God gives us in the most productive way. Below are links to the ten posts that highlighted this study.

Precious Time – Within this post is a link to a spreadsheet called Power Over Time with a tab named “Precious Time” at the bottom of the spreadsheet. After spending time in prayer, you can use this to fill out this form to help evaluate your daily activities. You can download a copy for yourself and print it out if you would like.

Meaningful Planning – A log is provided for you to use throughout your day and record how you used your time. This study should help you determine if there is time spent in your daily routine that is fruitless so you can turn it into productive time. The aim is to spend some time in prayer and ask God for help in making your daily activities fruitful.

Spend More Time on Top Priority Activities – Included in this post is a spreadsheet to list “Action Steps” to take to increase your time spent on tasks that bring the most value and meaning to your life.

The Spark – To get a great start to your day, initiative provides the spark. The passion to finish each day victoriously then propels you forward. Included in this post is a spreadsheet with questions to help you discover areas where initiative can be increased.

Overcoming Lack of Time – Within this post is a document entitled “Overcoming Lack of Time” that can be studied and used it to help develop better time practices. It can be used to document ideas on how you may better apply your faith and plan out each day with God.

Frustration Due to Lack of Time – Within this post is provided a check list called “Lack of Time Frustration”. You can go through this check list to discover how you currently handle time frustration. The objective is to stimulate your thinking so you can make the needed adjustments to make your situation better.

A Better Way to Use My Time – Within this post are some ideas on using your time to help you apply your faith. Each book you read; each movie or show you see; each conversation you have; each song you hear can have a lesson that God wants you to learn and in turn share with others.

Using Time Wisely within the Family – From this post are some ideas on how a family can work as a team. The family unit has changed over the years with both parents working nowadays so working together is even more important.

Seek the Extraordinary Rather than the Ordinary – There are important time savers that build momentum for each day and throughout your journey. When you truly believe that the Spirit is continually with you, then you boldly step ahead in new and adventurous ways. There is something … a strength you have that no one can do as well as you do. Think of ideas that use this strength of yours and never be surprised by its power.

The Rewards of Your Accomplishments – Dream big because there are great benefits. Dreams provide you with enthusiasm for life. They help you look forward to each day even if faced with a long list of tasks to accomplish.

Recognizing progress toward achievement gives inspiration for attempting even greater accomplishment. I hope some ideas from these ten posts will result in long-term, far-reaching benefits for your future.