Stirring Each Other Up

Paul and his party left Ephesus and headed to Tyre. In Acts 21:1-6, we are told that as soon as they landed from the voyage that had lasted about a week, Paul set out immediately to seek a Bible teaching church.

As we live out each day, we can take this lesson of actively seeking out other Christians at the place where we work, in our neighborhood, or at the school we attend. With the Internet, we can also seek out other Christian blogs and take every opportunity to learn from each other.

Many times, I eat lunch at work with a group of guys that sit together and on this one occasion, a fellow employee was asking some questions he had about God’s Word.  I was able to share some of my thoughts and give him the link to this blog.

In today’s passage, Paul was head set on returning to Jerusalem but the Christians at Tyre warned Paul not to go there (v. 4). One good reason we should actively seek out other Christians is to keep us on track and to stir each other up to continuing to follow God’s will in our lives.

Decision making is much easier when we are confident that we are following the will of God. This day with You Lord, we are getting ready for the challenge of this day and we are now going to You in prayer. For You are the ONE who created it all and know all things. We ask that this day we passionately seek out opportunities to meet others who are interested in growing in Your Word. We ask that we stir each other up to boldly step ahead. In Jesus name. Amen.

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