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Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. –  Colossians 3:2 In “Delight in the Things of God” I noted that Job and his friends came to different conclusions even though they had … Continue reading

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Delight in the Things of God

One morning, I drove to work and saw a double rainbow in the sky. I got out of my truck and started walking up the hill to my office when I realized that I left my badge in my truck … Continue reading

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Poetry Friday 07-22-2022

Today’s poem posted at my other blog Step Ahead is inspired by the post “Treasures in Heaven”. Jesus explains that riches make one focus on how to maintain the wealth rather than on God. Jesus enlightens the disciples in the … Continue reading

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Plentiful Harvest

Originally posted on Step Ahead:
Plant the word in your heart And follow the Son of Man With thoughts or ideas In following God’s plan. Not in the hard soil Eaten by a bird But in prepared soil So the…

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The Decision to Follow

Originally posted on Step Ahead:
Put on your shoes And walk without excuse Getting rid of the blues By sharing the Good News. Understanding the call, Willing to install Without any regrets Vast spiritual assets. Meeting with people At the…

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