Affects of Good Physical and Mental Health on Society

Good physical and mental health helps a society tremendously. Without it, the quality of life can be in terrible shape. Some third world countries have poor health because of unclean food and throughout life children have difficulties.

A vacation my family once took was to Moody Gardens in Galveston Texas. What started out as a place to help those with paralysis, Moody Gardens has become a place to learn and relax. The major attractions there consist of pyramids that house animal and plant life. Also there are great 3D theaters that show educational short movies. I remember one movie that explained how the health of humans and nature relies on the health of our oceans.

Everything consists of cycles in our world. An example is the water cycle where rain water fills lakes and rivers which flow into our oceans. Then evaporation causes the collection of moisture in the atmosphere to produce more rain. Stress also causes a cycle but it’s a bad cycle which cost our healthcare industry an astronomical amount of money. What’s been discovered is that stress leads to heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidental injuries, and suicide. It pushes many to drinking alcohol which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver for individuals but it can also harm others like in auto accidents.

Refuel and Recharge

Speaking of autos, they can get you many places and go far distances but they have to contain fuel to go. It’s the same with us as everyone needs to refuel. God Himself rested on the seventh day.

So since we’ve established the fact that we all have to refuel, where do we get it? There’s no better fuel than God’s Word. A cheerful heart restores the mind and body; therefore we can be in good spirits by reading the good news of God’s Word, accepting His kindness, and building faith by knowing Christ. The refueling station is His church. Sundays should be a day to take it easy. It should be a day to worship God and be appreciative. It should be a day to slow down and enjoy the comforts of your home.

Our fuel for the soul which Jesus provides is inner peace and abundant life that is full of meaning; infused with purpose, contentment, and joy. With the explosion of computer technology, we sometimes forget that it is only a tool. The greatest machine ever made is you; God has made you to be the most efficient and productive machine ever known. Then He’s provided the fuel to make you go called the Holy Spirit.

Next time, we will look at how good physical and mental health provides abundant life with a bright outlook.

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3 Responses to Affects of Good Physical and Mental Health on Society

  1. A great message, just in time for me… 🙂
    Thank you. Have a blessed weekend.

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