Focus on the Way

This day with God, our attention is undivided and thankful for the path provided. It’s a wonderful time of praise for the ways God has guided. We continue to follow the path as we now read Judges 2:6 through 3:6 and we will continue to follow the steps necessary to make each day with God amazing!

Investigating today’s passage, the Israelites were completely dependent on an obedient leader. After the death of Joshua, the Israelites didn’t have a true leader and it only took one generation before they were completely disobedient to God. They started worshiping other gods and the ONE true God was not with them; therefore they were defeated by their enemies.

Then the Lord provided a way for the people to get to know him by raising up judges who kept them in line with His way. This saved them against their enemies for a while but once a judge died, they got out of line again. They stopped walking in the way of the Lord and returned to their evil practices.

The Israelites disobeyed the specific command of driving out the nations that worshiped other gods. The Lord had told them to break down their altars, smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles and burn their idols in the fire (Deut. 7:5). When the Lord delivered these nations into their hands, they didn’t destroy them totally. Instead, they intermarried with them and their children followed other gods.

The judges helped the people understand the Way of the Lord and today we have the Bible to instruct us in the Way. We also have the example of Jesus who showed us the Way and the Holy Spirit to provide the power to follow the Way. This day with God, let us focus on what matters by showing people the Way of Truth that leads to an eternal destiny rather than on a personal worldly legacy.

This day with You God, we have available to us the guiding principles taught by Christ who came down to earth in the flesh to be with us. Your mercy and grace enters into our life and the Way of Jesus leads us to our destiny in paradise which is beyond what we could ever imagine. Amen.

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  1. So thankful for “Jesus who showed us the Way and the Holy Spirit to provide the power to follow the Way”


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