Small Things Become Big Things With God

The first activity of the Israelites after returning from exile as recorded in Ezra 3 was to build the altar of God. Then they resumed a detailed schedule of offerings and sacrifices. Let us also learn to begin with God each day. Let us have a daily devotional to prompt us to worship God. For we all need God as our friend; to learn how we should live and pray for direction. We may not be perfect and fail at times but God’s mercy never fails.

The next activity after their return from exile was to lay the foundation of the temple so they planned out its construction by hiring masons and carpenters. Then they planned out the material needed for construction by trading food and drink and oil to Tyre in exchange for cedar logs. Work began after everything had been planned out.

We can take some lessons from this passage. Our work should begin only after planning out our activities with God. A point in a sermon of my Pastor is that before the beginning of anything, pray first for guidance. Talk to the ONE who created it all. Talk about the day ahead or the upcoming project; praying with specifics and believing that He will guide along life’s best path. For more sermon points, visit at this link: Sermon Podcast. Using a tool like a computer/iPad/Smart phone provides an efficient and effective way to research, write, and be lifted up by others.

Small things become big things when we go to God and plan to move forward together. An amazing day starts with God, moves into working with God, and ends with a celebration of thankfulness to God.

Many times I’ll take a break at work and get a snack or something to drink. What I’m trying for this week is to also use my break time or lunch time to honor God and praying for direction for the rest of the day.

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5 Responses to Small Things Become Big Things With God

  1. Joyce de vivre says:

    “An amazing day starts with God..” – I just love what comes next. When our days are filled with God, He lovingly fill our days with so much joy (despite the troubles and busy schedules)… thanks for sharing! God bless 🙂


  2. My Tropical Home says:

    A timely reminder to pray without ceasing…Years ago I read or heard somewhere that prayer should be like breathing. It’s hard to do that with all the distractions around us but reading a daily devotional and taking time to pray during breaks in the course of the day’s work is an excellent place to start. I’m reading Oswald Chamber’s “My Utmost for His Highest” this year and every time I read it I am either inspired, convicted or encouraged to give my “utmost” for God so He can do the Big Things in my life.

    Another inspirational post.

    Thank you.



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