Ezekiel 30

In Ezekiel 30, we discover the cause of Egypt’s destruction. Pride was the downfall of Egypt; believing in its own strength and power rather than God’s. The army of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon was used as instruments to destroy Egypt. This passage teaches that we can’t rely on our own resources and achievements to ultimately prosper but we can confidently step ahead by trusting in God’s power and resources.

The king of Egypt had too much pride and didn’t accept God’s help. Today, our king is Jesus. By believing in Him, we receive the Holy Spirit as helper. Take a few moments to click the video below or this link: Here Is Our King – David Crowder Band.

Success is not an accident; a major part of achievement comes from being committed to God, planning with Him, and putting in the focused effort towards the purpose He has for us. This day with God, let us pray for help in making good choices. Let us pay attention because God’s help can come from the things we read, the lessons learned from experiences, and from the people we meet.

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