Questions for Reflection for Study of Psalms 52-57

The journey through 2 Samuel has given encouragement for the journey ahead that will now take us back into the book of Psalms for a while. We will continue to gain insight from God’s Word in order to apply our faith at work, at home, and in all we do.

The reading plan below will be used to hold me accountable as I share about God’s Word. To share about my study of Psalms, it’s important to have a plan. I’m thankful that Jesus is God’s plan for us and by accepting Christ as Savior, we have taken the steps necessary to make each day amazing!

Questions for Reflection

Psalm 52 – Identify and characterize the mighty hero (See 1 Sam. 21:1-9; 22:1-23)? What is his main weapon? What will be the end of the mighty hero? What qualities to you think David has in mind when he describes himself as a tree?

Psalm 53 – What is God’s future for people that rely on the things of this world? What kinds of attitudes about life and God do you consider foolish or wise? With what does God equate wisdom and understanding?

Psalm 54 – What situation does David face here (See 1 Sam. 23; 26:1-4)? What is the basis for his plea for safety? What descriptive names of God does he use? What does David anticipate?

Psalm 55 – What is going on when David wrote this poem? What does David want from God? What does he want for the enemy? Imagine a friend has betrayed you … What is your reaction? Would you be as confident as David that things would turn out all right?

Psalm 56 – What is happening in verses 1-6 (See 1 Sam. 21:10 through 22:1-2)? Think of situations you’ve been placed in … is there a time when you have felt the tension between fear and trust in God? In what ways has God been gracious to you in the past? What has been your response?

Psalm 57 – What was David’s present circumstances (See 1 Sam. 22:1)? How is God fulfilling His purpose for you? What are qualities of God for which you can praise Him now?

Feel free to respond with a short note or a comment about any of the questions above. Also, I welcome any other thoughts or ideas, favorite inspirational videos, photos, or favorite Bible verses. Just add them to the comments or to a Facebook page I’ve set up at this link: This Day With God – A Spiritual Journey.

To store up thoughts that are good for the soul, listen to a sermon. Download the free app in the App Store or on Google Play. Look for First Waco.

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  1. Thanks. These are great and will help as I prepare.



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