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Psalm 78:1-41

In Psalm 78:1-41, God is calling attention for each generation to learn His  principles, know about His power, and recognize His wonders so they can be passed along to future generations. A daily devotional like “This Day with God” internalizes his guiding … Continue reading

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Ezekiel 30

In Ezekiel 30, we discover the cause of Egypt’s destruction. Pride was the downfall of Egypt; believing in its own strength and power rather than God’s. The army of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon was used as instruments to destroy Egypt. … Continue reading

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Matthew 13:1-23

Passage Lookup The parable of the sower gives a lesson about wanting Spiritual treasures from God and not worldly treasure. Accepting Christ as Savior is the ultimate spiritual treasure and we can prepare our hearts for acceptance of this treasure … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 44

Passage Lookup What were the reasons that hard times came on Judah?  What were the consequences of worshiping other gods? What lesson can be learned from this passage about putting our focus completely on God? God had sent prophets to … Continue reading

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