Toward Our Destiny

There is confidence when we pray, listen to the Holy Spirit, and rely on God’s provision because we know that we will do the right things that will lead us toward our destiny. Let us start today by reading the Word found in 1 Samuel 10.

Samuel gave Saul a message from God about his destiny as king. After being anointed as king, Samuel gave instructions to Saul. After leaving, God changes Saul’s heart as the Spirit of God came powerfully upon him (v. 10).

Saul then began prophesying with the prophets. He spoke to the people of Israel at Mizpah reminding them how God had delivered them out of Egypt but that the people of Israel had rejected Him. God had saved them from disasters and calamities but the people still wanted a king over them.

Thinking about current times, many today still want to place individuals in godlike positions. There is a need to understand that no king, leader of a nation, or government has all the answers. Only God knows the past, present, and future so the resolution is that God developed a plan for us by coming to earth in the flesh which He did as Jesus!

This day with You Lord, we come to You in prayer with confidence because we know that You can lead us to our destiny. We are listening now to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and are relying on You as the Light of the World. You will liberate our heart, mind, body, and soul to set us free. You will provide a cohesive plan to step ahead towards that amazing destiny. Amen.

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3 Responses to Toward Our Destiny

  1. Amen brother. “God developed a plan for us by coming to earth in the flesh which He did as Jesus!”

    So thankful for Jesus and His redemption. Blessings.

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