Questions for Reflection for Study of 1 Samuel 5 through 10

We live in a busy world with busy schedules and being able to share some thoughts about this journey with others across this world through the Internet is truly a blessing. The below Questions for Reflection will stimulate thought and offer ideas for applying biblical principles at work, at home, and in all we do.

1 Samuel 5 – What is the situation in Israel before and after the Philistine capture of the ark (see Ps 78:56-64)? What happened when the arc is in the house of Dagon? How has God shown you His power recently? How have you responded?

1 Samuel 6:1-18 – What do the priests recommend to do with the arc of the Lord? According to the priests, what does the guilt offering accomplish (See Lev 6:6-7 and Lev 7:1-7)? How is your guilt removed? How do verses 9 and 12 show God’s graciousness and desire that men will realize his power and come to him?

1 Samuel 6:18 through 7:14 – Why does God kill men who have just worshiped Him? How does the passage describe wholeheartedness toward God? Why does the Philistine attack fail? Do you pray when you are afraid? Why?

1 Samuel 7:15 through 8:22 – What are some of the reasons Samuel’s sons do not walk in his ways? Why did the elders want Samuel to appoint a king? How would the king break up family life and treat the people? Would you rather be led by God or by a worldly king? Which form of leadership benefits the most people in a superior way?

1 Samuel 9 – What starts the chain of events which results in Saul becoming king of Israel? Can you determine what events in your life are important? Do you recognize your limited understanding of yourself, others, circumstances, and the future and trust God’s sovereignty?

1 Samuel 10 – What happens to Saul after he leaves Samuel? What has God done for the people of Israel? What have the people of Israel done to God? Do you place people in a godlike position (v. 19)?

Feel free to respond with a short note or a comment about any of the questions above. Also, I welcome any other thoughts or ideas, favorite inspirational videos, photos, or favorite Bible verses. Just add them to the comments.

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1 Response to Questions for Reflection for Study of 1 Samuel 5 through 10

  1. Great questions to start out the day.

    “How has God shown you His power recently? How have you responded?”

    God has shown His power today in that I woke up to another day in paradise. I responded by thanking Him and getting up.


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