Ezekiel 31

In Ezekiel 31, Egypt is compared to a tall cedar tree which is nourished by roots growing deep in the ground and fed by abundant spring waters. The problem is that Egypt had too much pride and its pride kept it from recognizing that the nourishment came from God.

God is our spring of water; nourishing us and helping us grow. We are to be humble, give glory to God, and do things to help others. We are to shine the light of Christ and highlight those doing good so our future is filled with unity, peace, and stability.

As a leader of a family, small group, or at your work place, ask God to help lead. Take inspiration from the Lead Me – Sanctus Real video above. Prayer is our greatest power because we can ask questions and get answers.

This day with God will be amazing because He helps plan the right things for our day and things fall into place. Today in prayer, I’m asking God questions like what to do first and how? Will it be worth my time and does it fit into my priorities?  I’m praying that I give God my best and that He daily refines my character.

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