Jonah 4

Passage Lookup


What is Jonah’s concern as he sits outside the city (contrast God’s chief concern)? How does God use the plant to illustrate the rightness of his actions toward Nineveh?


Jonah’s attitude was somewhat like the player that didn’t want to listen to the coach in this scene from “Remember the Titans”. In life, we need the discipline to focus and work together to tackle things before they become a problem.


Jonah should have paid more attention to what was really important rather than his own pride. Pray for your own understanding in what is truly important for God’s team and in fulfilling the call He has for you. God knows what you do and who you really are. That’s all that matters.

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1 Response to Jonah 4

  1. In high demand are individuals that are organized, together, & focused like a laser beam on defending what is right. Defending principles that have been proven in the past to work & that are assured to work in the future.

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