Joel 1

Passage Lookup


What has happened in the land? List the responses urged by God. How do you respond when circumstances prevent your participation in corporate worship? Why?

 Food For Thought:

Problems in life can be overcome with faith, patience, and character. Positives can be produced from troubles by praying for wisdom, rejoicing in Christ, accepting the plan, and yielding to God’s will. – Paraphrase from Pastor Steve Ramsdell sermon


Plague and famine is written about in this passage. One lesson learned is to go to God for help when faced with difficulty. Another is to learn from the past. Think of lessons you have learned from both good and bad experiences from your past. In your prayer today, pray for our nation and that lessons are learned from the past and told to future generations. Be thankful for Christ; the greatest teacher of lessons that provide hope for a brighter future.

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1 Response to Joel 1

  1. Accept hardship as a signal that plans are not sound. Patiently go to God for help in rebuilding those plans, be thankful for Christ who gives hope for the future, and set out once more.

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