Passage Lookup    


What should be your attitude toward the disaster of other people (even those who have wronged you) and other nations? Contrast Edom’s future with the promise given to God’s people.

Food For Thought:

How do you obtain peace? Take the initiative, empathize with others, focus on the issue, be flexible, and seek reconciliation. – Paraphrase from main points of Steve Ramsdell sermon


This passage is about the feud between Edom and Israel. The Edomites held a grudge against Israel because Jacob had cheated their ancestor out of his birthright (Genesis 25:21-34). One lesson from this passage might be to wish the best for others (even those that have wronged you) so you can get by the past and look to the future. Have a prayer time. Listen and write down some thoughts, plans, or ideas that could help you let go of a negative past and help make good solid decisions for a bright future.

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