Matthew 13:1-23

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The parable of the sower gives a lesson about wanting Spiritual treasures from God and not worldly treasure. Accepting Christ as Savior is the ultimate spiritual treasure and we can prepare our hearts for acceptance of this treasure by storing up thoughts from the Bible or from sermons. These thoughts can be used for personal use or shared with others but are vital for preparing souls for absorbing spiritual nourishment.

In the book “Ordering Your Private World” by Gordon MacDonald, this idea was touched on again and the suggestion was put forth to develop a series of codes (keywords or tags) that help organize your thoughts and ideas. As you think, read, watch movies, or talk with people, document by organizing according to these keywords.

I’m taking time in prayer today to thank God for His patience and faithfulness in preparing my soul for acceptance of His spiritual treasures and His ultimate treasure of Christ as my Savior.  Today, I’m going to try focusing every physical and mental resource; open my mind and pay close attention to the people I meet and the things I read. I will spend some time remembering the experiences I’ve gone through and making it a point to listening to what God is telling me.

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