Jesus Teaches Through Parables

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Reading in Luke 6:39-49, Jesus teaches through three parables. The first is the eye and its focus (vv. 39-42), the second is the tree and its fruit (vv. 43-45), and the third is the house and its foundation (vv. 46-49).

First, we need to not judge others but recognize our own faults first. No one is perfect except for Jesus but that doesn’t mean that we should give up. We should always strive to limit our faults and build upon our strengths. We are to use discernment to see clearly, judge carefully, and to act compassionately.

Second, Jesus explains that a good tree bears good fruit (v. 43). He also explains that each has a specific purpose in the fruit they produce. A fig tree produces figs and a grape vine produces grapes. Shouldn’t we then use our God given strengths to produce what God wants us to produce? Each of us should find that strength and share it with others.

Jesus teaches about storing up good thoughts in our heart so that out of the overflow of these thoughts in our heart, we will provide good for others (v. 45). God’s word provides food for the soul so that we can be all we are meant to be; we are prepared, productive, and a blessing to others.

The last great lesson Jesus teaches in this passage is that we need to build upon the solid spiritual foundation that we are provided in God’s Word which helps us get through the tough times or storms we may face in life. The rock solid foundation which Christ provides is deep, dependable, and durable.

This day with You God, help us apply our faith by using Your word to guide us in life; in our relationships, our career, and in everything we do. Protect us in the storms, provide joy, and give direction.


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  1. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  2. chaddamitz says:

    Thank you for the encouraging passage and commentary. I pray that I apply my faith today for the glory of God. Blessings.


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