Win Each Day

The local church I’m a member of has an app as a spiritual resource. There are live sermons on-line, prayer request can be submitted, and there is a check in to register attendance. Each local church is a part of the same team called the universal church that can make a difference on God’s winning team. On a sports team, they try to win each play and in life we try to win each day.

As explained in today’s reading of Ephesians 2:11-22, the blood of Christ makes unity possible for Gentile and Jew because there is forgiveness of sin. Those who accept Christ are all unified as one in Christ.

Any successful team must be devoted and willing to work together; it’s no different with God’s team with each member belonging to the universal church. The foundation of the church is the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus as the chief cornerstone.

The hardest thing for Satan to match up against is the most unique aspect of the church which is the hearts and minds of its members who each have spiritual strengths to benefit the whole. Each individual can think about ideas and take action on them by using their God given strengths.

I remember my pastor Steve Ramsdell from years ago who said once in a sermon that a church’s mission is not to compete against other churches. A church’s mission is to transform people into the likeness of Jesus Christ and into people that others want to emulate. The mission is to put hell out of business one person at a time. With this type of thinking, there is off-the-charts capacity through the power that Jesus provides.

To get in the game, think of ways to help a neighbor or lift up a friend with encouragement. Each individual can come up with ways in which they can use their talents for God’s glory. Here is a link to some practical steps to following God’s Plan. This day with God, start stepping ahead with confidence because God’s plan for us will always bring victory.

This day we are growing in faith step by step. We are connected to each other in unity through the blood of Christ. Our greatest accomplishment in life is accepting Christ as Savior and we celebrate today the victory. Each time a new person accepts Christ as Savior, there is a cause for celebration because we know that the best days are ahead. Amen.

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