Spiritual Journey Through Ephesians 1 – 3

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking at ways to apply the word found in the book of Ephesians and sharing some thoughts that not only can benefit you now but also help the next generation too! The greatest of all possessions one can hand off to future generations are the guiding principles taught by Christ Jesus.

Pointed out in “Unity in the Plan” is that God’s plan for us which was implemented by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit gives us the courage to step out in victory, the strength to endure, the patience to wait, and the energy to outlast any struggle.

The post “Power of the Spirit” pointed out that Paul prayed for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation for the Christians at Ephesus. He prayed that they would be enlightened to the unseen, the eternal, and the supernatural.

God through Christ gives us a restart in life as explained in “Reboot”. We are refreshed, cleared, and ready to do what we were intended to do. The response for this gift of grace should be to do good works. To use our God given talent to help others by letting good works flow naturally out of who we’ve been made to be.

Written in “Win Each Day” is that those who accept Christ are all unified as one in Christ. They are one team that is devoted and willing to work together to make a difference. Satan can’t match up against the most unique aspect of the church which is the hearts and minds of its members.

A thought brought out in the post “Enable the Power Available” is that there are untapped spiritual treasures available for all but we need to enable the power inside to be released in order for the Good News to be spread far and wide.

God wants you to receive the power written about in “Full Steam Ahead”. The power available is greater than you could ever imagine and doing your best for God at this moment puts you on track to go places you never thought possible.

Keep up with my spiritual journey over the next few weeks either through following this blog or the Facebook page I’ve set up at this link: This Day With God – A Spiritual Journey. Let’s share thoughts or ideas about applying our faith so we step ahead along the path to victory.

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  1. Great series brother. Thanks for the insight.


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