Spirit Aflame

This poem was written to inspire enthusiasm and power for your day so you joyfully share your story.

Step Ahead

This day with God,The Spirit is aflame,
The past is gone,
The future will be changed.
Nothing bad remains,
Thinking … oh wow,
Feeling energized
Right here, right now! 

Living this day 
To the fullest
Getting to new places
Faster than a bullet.

Like the excitement of
Going on vacation,
We journey today 
To our destination.

Reading the Word,
Telling our story,
Being transformed daily
Bringing Him glory.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-17-2022
Inspired by “Spirit Aflame”
Thought - The man was doomed by evil but with the help of Jesus, who has authority over evil spirits, was ready to enthusiastically follow and joyfully assert the miracle Jesus had accomplished.
Music – listen to the song Soul On Fire by Third Day and start now to restore the joy, the wonder, the passion, and enthusiasm for this day.

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