Plentiful Harvest

This blog is being built as a tool for daily Bible reading and prayer. It’s a guide that divides the Bible up in such a way that a person can read a daily passage and offers questions to help in reflection. Today, we are reading Mark 4:1-20 and using questions to get the mind thinking so one may be inspired to jot down notes.

These notes of ideas, thoughts, or plans might be of use to share with others or apply in life. If we pay attention to the world, disorder will expand to fill the void of human failure but if we pay attention to God, order will fill the void with greatness.

Jesus used stories from real life or parables to teach. Today’s Parable of the Sower describes four types of soil. Seeds sown in the hard soil along the path do not have a chance to grow because the birds eat them. This is similar to the word taken away by Satan so the Word is not heard. Seeds planted in the shallow rocky soil are like hearing the Word but not taking root and lasting only a short time.

Seeds planted in the weedy soil or among the thorns is similar to hearing the word but the worries of life, deceitfulness of wealth, and the desires for other things come and choke out the word. On the other hand, seeds planted in good soil is similar to hearing the Word, accepting it, and producing a crop that multiplies because the Word is shared with others.

Our responsibility is to plant the word in good soil. In a place or in such a way so that we can understand the word and apply it in our life. Another way to put it is to take in the word, share the word, and let God do the rest.  Then the harvest will be plentiful.

This day with You Lord, we are thankful for the parable of the sower. A lesson in the importance of spending time understanding Your Word and spending time with You in prayer. We face so many distractions in our world. Help us find ways to share about the gospel so others can understand more about You. Help us find ways to see You at work in the birth of a child, the celebration of a birthday, a graduation ceremony, the morning sun rise, or the evening sunset. This day with You, let us communicate how You can handle yesterdays and tomorrows so that total attention can be put on today. Amen.

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