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The Way of Jesus

This day with God, we continue on the journey towards internalizing the principles taught by Christ. Reading today in Mark 2:18 through 3-6, the Pharisees and other legalists were looking for opportunities to accuse Jesus of breaking the Old Testament … Continue reading

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Worship 08-30-2020

Why should you love God and love yourself? Learn more at this link or by clicking the arrow to the video below. God made everything and He made you. Your worth is beyond measure for God gave His own Son … Continue reading

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Being True to the Best in You

Originally posted on Step Ahead:
Faith built on a rock Your solid mainstay Named Jesus Christ Providing the Way. Redeeming you From the empty way Of worldly shakeups To blessings each day. A life built on A solid foundation Providing…

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Free To Be Who He Made Us To Be

Once again Jesus went out beside the lake. A large crowd came to him, and he began to teach them. – Mark 2:13 The post “Keeping Others In Mind” was about the large crowds that began to follow Jesus. At … Continue reading

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Keeping Others In Mind

This day as we read Mark 2:13-17, Jesus went out beside the lake to teach and a large crowd followed. Let us follow the example of Jesus by being patient and kind; keeping others in mind so that we have … Continue reading

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