Delight and Meditate on the Word of God

In Psalm 1, we are told that those who delight and meditate on the Word of God receive the spiritual nourishment needed to grow and prosper. Similar to a tree planted near streams of water, those who are near to God’s Word will yield fruit.

The fruit in our life may consist of the positive qualities like faith, hope, and love. Hope gives optimism in a time of despair, Faith gives courage in a time of doubt, and the love of God through Christ has turned what was thought to be a time of defeat into a victory.

The chaff in our life leads to sadness and may consist of following what the world says to follow. Listening to the traditions of mankind rather than the ways of God is an obstacle to growing in faith. These characteristics lead to disappointment and ruin in life.

Father, this day with You, give us the discipline to study and meditate on Your Word so that we produce fruit that nourishes others. Help us to keep the principles of Your Word in our thoughts. May we plant seeds of faith, hope, and love instead of despair, doubt, and hate. Give us the upper hand Father God by producing in us the heart of a champion.

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9 Responses to Delight and Meditate on the Word of God

  1. deborah ann says:

    There is nothing better than to start off the day in the Word and to let it seep in. For it is warming, comforting and motivates me to step out into the dark, cold and ungodly world as a victor and not a victim! Amen and Amen. ~ Have a blessed day with Jesus ~

  2. oldpoet56 says:

    Nice post, well done brother.

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