Hunting for Spiritual Food

I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. – John 17:4

In the post “Detailed Instructions”, are thoughts about the specific instructions for the offerings made in order to consecrate priests. Today, we identify with Christ as our sin offering and the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Since Christ came and died on the Cross, we have a direct relationship with God.

By accepting Christ into our life; taking note of His teachings and by reading God’s Word, we get specific instructions in how to live.  Reading God’s word is much like hunting or fishing because we have to be patient, quite, and focused as we search for our daily spiritual food.

My grandfather loved to hunt. He had dogs that he trained for the purpose of finding raccoons. They would smell the trail and follow. Usually this led to a big tree where the raccoon would climb to the very top. Along the way, the dog would bark until you could then hear a different bark. It was a very excited bark in the same location and there was bark after bark after bark. When the hunter heard this bark, he knew the dog had the raccoon cornered.

Like these trained dogs of my grandfather, we trail what we are passionate about for our Master. As a person of faith, we find great truths that provide spiritual food and share these truths with others. Here is a truth to share today in a song: Stop the World by Matthew West. This day with God, remember that He is listening and is pleased when we have done our job for Him.


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