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Along the Way with Power to Fulfill Your Purpose

Originally posted on Step Ahead:
Your future will be Better than the past Praying each day And set free at last. With baptism, There is no delay In being united Into the Way. Where efficiency Is on display As you…

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Refreshment and Energy

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Begin each day Asking what to do Accepting His love And starting anew   For the race of life Like a long distance run Requires momentum For it to be done   So use inspiration…

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If good people barely make it, what’s in store for the bad?

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Why it matters to Jesus: Jesus is straight with us. The way is not easy. He says it over and over. Unfortunately, many in the church want us believe otherwise. Solomon knew otherwise…

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The Way of the Gospel

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Good News for all In meeting the covenant Is the sacrifice of Christ Who paid the ultimate! Becoming the temple Martyr at the altar; Meeting the sacrifice To God the Father. Making things easier In…

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Clean and Pure

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Like the snow covers The rough ground created, God’s grace covers so we Are exonerated. There may be setbacks But with God’s provision, There are no limitations To our grand vision. Because of Jesus, We…

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