Being All That God Intends You to Be

Success and Failure Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.Amazing things happen to those who simply follow God’s path. They can aim
for the moon and if they miss, God develops them into His star. Think about how God took a person of no status or standing like David and made him king of Israel.

In 1 Chronicles 17:16-27, David gives all credit to the greatness of God. He asked in prayer that the promise God has given would be fulfilled. That the house of God will be built and that the most significant leader ever will come from one of his offspring. Many think of Solomon and the temple he built but most believe the person being put forward as the most significant leader from the “house and lineage of David” is Jesus Christ. We know today that in the hearts of all believers is where the Spirit of God dwells.

David gives praise that God has carried him this far. That He has promised a future of honor and a future where his offspring will be the greatest of leaders. He gives praise that God has redeemed his people, performed great and awesome wonders by driving out nations (v. 21), made people of Israel God’s very own forever and that He has become their Lord.

No one on earth can ever match God’s gift of His Son. I don’t care if the richest person, the most famous person, or the brightest person on earth gave a gift; nothing could ever match the one for which God gives in His Son and upon which we can build our life.

Reading today’s passage, David now sees himself more as a servant rather than a king. John Wesley once said, “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can.”

This day with God will be amazing because with Him we can passionately believe in what we are doing, let nothing hold us up in our work, and know that one day at a time the impossible will become possible. The Holy Spirit living in you will help give direction and God will do great things through you.

In preparation for prayer, take in these words from Reuben P. Job, a former United Methodist bishop, “Prayer is a revolutionary act and may lead us where we did not expect us to go and shape us in ways we had not anticipated. Prayer is not only a crying out for God’s help, it is not only an invitation for God to intervene in our lives, it is also an offering up of all we are and hope to become. In so doing, we glorify the ONE who loves us.”

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