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Our Yes for Christ

Our “yes” for Christ and following His example of passion for the church provides inspiration for each day and builds momentum. We also have a helper in the Holy Spirit that empowers us to share about Christ. The confidence helps … Continue reading

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Guidance of the Holy Spirit

A weapon we have in our battles each day is prayer. If we obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit, what we thought was impossible can become possible. In reading scripture and posting yesterday, Going Forward with Boldness, one of the … Continue reading

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Follow His Way

The journey into Ecclesiastes 12 gives good advice on our main priority and what we should put our focus on. We should resolve to follow God because everything is meaningful when attention is on His way. The images in this reading … Continue reading

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Drawing People to the Power of God

As explained in yesterday’s post, we can be the type of person that connects the power of God to others. What gets in our way at times is that we take ourselves too seriously. Children remind us to just be … Continue reading

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The Glory of God

A new series called “Isn’t It Amazing” was presented this past weekend at the church I attend. We are taking a look at some of the basics of our faith … this week the message is titled “The Glory of … Continue reading

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