Jeremiah 42

Passage Lookup

What will the people have to face if they stay and try to live in Israel?  What will they face if they go to Egypt? What is the consequence of disobeying the voice of the Lord?

In this reading, the people came to Jeremiah for guidance. Should they flee to Egypt
or should they stay? Jeremiah prayed for them and received instructions from God that they should stay.

We should look to God for directions in the way we should go. The hard part is having the resolve to act in accordance with His instructions and that takes discipline.

I’m praying for discipline today. What are the things I need to do at work or around the house? I know one place I need to be for sure and that’s staying in the light; looking to God for directions and the discipline to execute the game plan He has for me today.

My hope is that this video gives inspiration to spend this day with God and stay in the light: Stay – Jeremy Camp.

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