Jeremiah 43

Passage Lookup

Account for the accusations against Jeremiah in view of his recently fulfilled prophecies. What is the extent of the disbelief? Imagine the response of the men of Judah now that they have chosen the course of action. What do you do when you realize you have made a disastrous decision?

History is always a good predictor of the future and if someone has been right in the past, you probably should listen closer. Jeremiah had been correct in the past yet the army officers and people of Israel preferred their own wisdom to the revealed will of God.

My Pastor Steve Ramsdell made this point in a sermon: life is about choices and it’s up to us to take in what is good for our body and soul. Choose to be transformed, forgive instead of hold a grudge, hunger for God, seek freedom, and live a fulfilling life through Jesus.

Today, I’m taking a minute to think about decisions that need to be made. I’m going to God in prayer for direction in the choices to make and to accurately follow His instruction.

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1 Response to Jeremiah 43

  1. By heeding the lessons of the past and thinking about who to ask for help, remember your greatest power is the power of prayer. In prayer, you are talking to the One who already has the answer.


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