Poetry Friday 05-12-2023

A poem posted at my other blog Step Ahead is inspired by the post Be Led by Love From Above which is a study of Judges 17 when Israel had no leader at the time, and it was an era of decline. A nation that is not led by God is cut off from the love from above and is not fit for greatness. The people tend to get off track doing their own thing and there’s no way they can work together for the good of the whole.

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2 Responses to Poetry Friday 05-12-2023

  1. ladysheepdog says:

    I’d like to know exactly how that Levite acted priestly during the time before the Danites came an enticed him to leave Micah’s house. Interesting that the Levite was said to be young and Micah set him as a father(leader) over his house. I guess because Micah’s own father was no longer in the scene? But, still why wasn’t he doing that himself? He did have an ephod and such. Of course maybe he knew he wasn’t a Levite and not suppose to be using them. He never seemed to connect not having a graven image as a no-no. Hmm – humans, nothing’s new.


    • Mark Shields says:

      Thanks for your thoughts. I believe Micah was acting like many do today by thinking religion was the way to get right with God, but this is only an outward show for others to see instead of an inward growth that Jesus teaches which is growing spiritually by being dedicated to the Way of God and sticking to it.

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