Led By Love From Above

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This day with God will be amazing because we are led by love from above. Day by day, little things become big things and lead to amazing things with Gods help. Each day, we read His word, document lessons learned, pray, and listen for the steps to take as we set out on our day.

Today, we are reading Judges 17. The recurring phrase in this passage is “shekels of silver”. Micah’s mother had silver in which she told a silversmith to overlay an image with in order to make an idol to worship. An idol is anything that comes between us and God and cuts off this love from above. In current times, idols may include things like luxury items, money, or even another person.

As written in today’s passage, Israel had no leader at this time and it was an era of decline. A nation that is not under God is cut off from the love from above and people tend to get off track doing their own thing. Then there’s no way they can work together for the good of the whole.

We are told that a Levite from Bethlehem was traveling through looking for a place to stay. We will later find out that the Levite is the grandson of Moses (See Judges 18:30) named Jonathan who needed a job during this time of moral decay in Israel.

So we know that Micah was an idol worshiper who knew he needed to get right with God. His idea was to pay for a priest thinking this would conveniently get him right with God so he offers the Levite the opportunity to stay at his house. Sometimes the main reason for our relationships with others is in gaining success from a worldly point of view.

Micah told the Levite he could live at his house and be his father and priest. He would pay him, give him clothes, and food in exchange for becoming his priest (vv. 10-12).  What Micah did not understand was the need for God’s love from above to enter into his heart. He needed to focus on the things of God, be dedicated to His way, and be disciplined to daily go to Him for direction.

We come to You Lord this day and seek ways to fine-tune our daily routine. Ways to not live with fear, worry or doubt but to live by faith. By accepting Your love from above, You set us free to make choices. By being disciplined to make the choice to meet with You daily, released to us is the power known as the Holy Spirit that takes us new heights far beyond what we could imagine. We accept today the love from about that You offer in the name of Jesus … Amen.

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3 Responses to Led By Love From Above

  1. Here is the truth! “He needed to focus on the things of God, be dedicated to His way, and be disciplined to daily go to Him for direction.”

    We need to focus on God and be dedicated to him exclusively.


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