Purpose for Mamas

This Mother’s Day, enjoy the video Mamas by Anne Wilson with Hillary Scott.

From a sermon of Reverend Steve Ramsdell, the message was that for Mamas, God has a plan and purpose. Just like Mary’s child was a child of God, so is yours. Because of Mary’s child, history changed because God through grace and forgiveness on the Cross was in the process of establishing a new family; an eternal family that after two thousand years is now on the other side of the planet right in your local community. Mary became not only the mother of Jesus but also His follower just like you. What a tremendous purpose moms have. In raising their children, they have a major part in changing the world.

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2 Responses to Purpose for Mamas

  1. God bless all the moms.

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  2. ladysheepdog says:

    It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it – lol. But, seriously being a parent in general is a really hard job. Feeling privileged to be a mother comes and goes with me(fortunately I know I’m not alone in that). I endeavor to rely on what I know, not what I feel. We pray for and bless all mother’s today.

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