Take a look at the photo. *What do trees wear to the lake? Swimming trunks. The reflection of the trees in this pond make them look like they are swimming in the lake.  Thinking of reflections, reading God’s Word and trying to answer the questions provided at Questions for Reflection is a tool to build our faith and gain wisdom for making decisions in the future. The questions for reflection provide help in reflecting on what the Word is instructing us to do and how to apply our faith.

Today, we are reading Job 38 and using the questions to stimulate our thought and note ways to apply in our daily life. In today’s passage, seventy seven questions concerning everything from the creation of the land on earth to the deep seas and clouds of the sky are asked by God to Job. Questions about who sends bolts of lightning and brings the constellations in their seasons or who understands the laws of the heavens. Other questions were about providing for the needs of animals as they wander about looking for food.

The creation of the earth is humbling. Think about how much is done every 24 hours and how God is involved in all the affairs of the world. The earth rotates to produce each day and night, the moon somehow remains suspended in the sky, and the rain makes the plants grow to produce food.

In today’s passage, we note that the realms of God’s sovereignty include the continents, the deep oceans, the sky, and all the constellations of the universe. The ways of nature and the ways of God go together. They both are beyond our total understanding yet we can try to understand nature’s ways through the experiences we go through and we can hope to understand God’s ways more and more as we go through life.

Realizing that we will never totally understand everything is the first step to true wisdom. The Wise Men studied the ancient text and the stars in the sky when looking for the baby Jesus. They were experts and we have experts in various fields of study today but many times they seem to get things wrong.

Just trusting God who knows everything rather than our own understanding is the next step as we continue each phase along the journey. God’s expertise is greater than any specialist so we need to be open to the Word of God, follow His will, live faithfully, and participate in what is best for us.

Nothing in life is perfect but Jesus and His life on earth was perfect so putting our trust in Jesus to steer our life along the journey makes a lot of sense. This day, ask Jesus to take the wheel as you drive along the highway to your destination and let the Spirit guide along the path that leads to your destiny.

Lord … You’ve created everything. Every 24 hours produces a new day with more understanding and wisdom. Your nature is humbling because the more we experience, the more we seek to know. This day, the most important thing to know is that Your love has given us new life. This day we have peace and joy because of Jesus who has given us a roadmap to follow and we know our destiny. In Jesus name, amen!

*Jokes for days. (2021). Funny Editor – Jokes for Days.

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  1. Here it is. Thanks for the insight. “Realizing that we will never totally understand everything is the first step to true wisdom.”

    Sola Fide!

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