The Journey Home – Ezra 2

In Ezra 2, God’s people who had been exiled in Babylon return on the 800 mile journey back home to Jerusalem. Almost 50,000 people return to their homeland. They had been through tough times, away from their homeland a long time, and they must have been concerned about what it would look like when they returned. What would their old town, neighborhood, or home look like after all these years?

I’ve returned to a home I was raised in as a child. What were small trees as a child were now large. In some cases, the trees didn’t exist at all which allowed space for my dog Sport and I to run around and play. After many years away, things change. The only thing that doesn’t change is God’s love for us and how He carries those that trust Him, who follow His will, and aim to glorify His name. The exiles give us a good example to follow because when they arrived back home, the first thing they did was start collecting resources to rebuild His Temple.

This day with God will be amazing because it will be another day of this journey through life. The Lord will hold onto us; guiding us through safely to the mansion and room saved for us in His holy city. Along the way, why not invite others along as we journey home together.

Let us pray that we follow His will, aim for His glory, and depend on His assistance.

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