Champions Go the Distance

We may not feel good at times, we may feel lonely, we may feel inferior or just physically worn out but these are trials we go through that ultimately make us stronger. We face resistance in life but it builds up our endurance much like running the race to the finish even though out of breath. The struggle of lifting weights to build muscle or of water when swimming laps to burn those extra calories. Without resistance, the wings of a plane can’t produce lift and fly through the air. Without fighting against our fears, there is no courage. Next time your day is filled with challenges, smile at it, say thank You God, and keep going.

As we keep going today along the journey, we are reading in 1 Samuel 24. Saul and his men are continuing to pursue David. Saul enters a cave to go to the bathroom (v. 3) not knowing that David and his men were far back in the same cave. David’s men try to persuade David to kill Saul saying the Lord had given the enemy into his hands. Saul had taken off his robe and put it to the side so David snuck up and cut off a corner of Saul’s robe.

David insisted on sparing Saul because he didn’t want to kill the Lord’s anointed so he told his men not to attack Saul. After Saul left the cave, David followed and outside the cave called out to Saul “My lord the king!” David bowed down and prostrated himself with his face to the ground (v. 8).

So David didn’t “get even” because of the wrong Saul had done to him but repaid good for evil. Some say that it’s a sign of weakness to not “get even” when a wrong is done to you but the Bible teaches patience. Champions go the distance and patiently let God’s power achieve more than they could on their own.

This day with You Lord, we face challenges in this world. There are struggles just like we read in today’s passage about David being pursued by Saul. When our own strength can not get us to the finish line, Your strength takes over. That is why we go the distance and don’t stop until we get to the destination. There are those that may do us wrong and we can’t do some things on our own but You will help us finish the race strong. Amen.

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  1. Thanks for the great encouragement: “When our own strength can not get us to the finish line, Your strength takes over.”


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