Spiritual Journey Through 1 Samuel 23 – 28

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking at ways to apply the word found in 1 Samuel 23-28 and sharing some thoughts that not only can benefit you now but also help the next generation too! The greatest of all possessions one can hand off to future generations are the guiding principles taught by Christ Jesus.

As pointed out in the post “Accepting What Christ did on the Cross”, we have Truth which liberates the heart, mind, body, and soul to set us free. The Truth provides us with a cohesive plan because the Spirit prompts us for every step we take.

David was done wrong by Saul and he couldn’t make it on his own. Noted in the post “Champions God the Distance” is that he needed patience so God could set things up for total victory.

There are times when we feel that life is broken. In the post “The Great Physician Removes Our Burdens”, noted was the broken life of Abigail who was involved in a terrible relationship with a wicked husband and David who was also broken because of the recent death of Samuel who was his spiritual confidant.

As pointed out in the post “Eternal Rewards of the Holy Spirit”, wealth of this world is a small reward compared to what the Holy Spirit provides for eternity.

Even though there will be challenges along the way, we can boldly step ahead because like the post “Give It Your Best Shot” points out, we can accept each challenge to face them head on with the promise of victory given to us in Christ.

The post “Brighter Tomorrow” gave a lesson in stepping ahead of dark times by finding solutions. Before the dark times get darker, we can step ahead by receiving God’s true Light that brightens the path to a new day.

Keep up with my spiritual journey over the next few weeks either through following this blog or the Facebook page I’ve set up at this link: This Day With God – A Spiritual Journey. Let’s share thoughts or ideas about applying our faith so we step ahead along the path to victory.

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