Higher Ground

David had defeated the giant and the people thought highly of him but Saul became jealous to the point that he wanted to kill David so David thought he had to escape. As we read today 1 Samuel 21, let us keep in mind about the enemies we face each day and what God wants us to do in times of trouble. God can take tough situations and turn them into something positive. Out of intense difficulties, God can make simplicities emerge.

Noted in today’s passage is that David went to Ahimelek the priest to escape Saul who wanted to kill David. He ask for food so the priest gave him the consecrated bread which is lawful only for priests to eat. David also needed a weapon so the priest gave him the sword used to kill Goliath.

The priest wondered why David was alone so David made up a story that he was sent by the king on a mission. David lied and we note that nowhere in the Bible is lying excused even when trying to relieve some situational pressure. One lie usually leads to other lies.

Then, David went to Achish king of Gath to continue his escape from the threat of Saul. Unfortunately, he was recognized by the servants and he knew that Saul would be notified of his whereabouts so he acted as though he was insane.

Like David, we face enemies in life. Our enemies may include things like financial struggles, bad health, or stressed relationships and we sometimes react in the wrong way to relieve our situational pressures. We stay in the valley instead of making the climb to a higher place.

But we can look to the future with optimism because with Christ in our heart, we are highly favored. God will show the way to face our situations and protect us in complex matters of life. We can be bold and expect direction from God to take care during times of worry or troubles. We can change from the inside out as we gain experience for the future and always know things will get better. With Christ in our heart, there is eternity to look forward to and it only gets better each day.

This day with You Lord, we can forget the past without a trace. By accepting Christ as Savior, we receive grace and You will bless. Sometimes we face impossible odds but we can hold on to Your promises. Your favor will change the direction of our future so we can overcome the enemies we face with confidence. Amen.

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  1. Amen! Thanks for the insight: “God can take tough situations and turn them into something positive. Out of intense difficulties, God can make simplicities emerge.”


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