Equipped for Battle

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To be equipped for battle in life, we need the armor of God as listed in the photo. Today, we ask God to keep making us ready for the challenge as we step ahead. Reading today in 1 Samuel 13, we note that the Philistines were attacked and defeated at Geba but fought back. They organized with soldiers and supplies in response to the point that Saul’s troops began to scatter due to their fear. 

Then, we note that Saul became impatient and came up with his own plan. This impatience of Saul resulted in the downfall of his kingdom and thus we get this lesson from today’s passage: Patience can achieve more than our own determined effort. The best choice for Saul would have been to wait for God, seek Him constantly, be determined to keep His plan, and obey His commands. To rely on the armor of God for safety and stick to God’s plan in meeting the challenges ahead.

Because of Saul’s disobedience in following his own plan, God’s favor was not with him and a string of events occurred that put the Israelites in a predicament. The Philistines took the blacksmith away from the people of Israel so they had to travel to Philistine to get their tools sharpened. The blacksmith also charged a high price for their work so the people of Israel could not afford their services. As a result, their spears and swords were not sharpened for the upcoming battle.

This day with You Lord, sharpen our Spiritual Weapons so that we are ready for our challenges. Help us to be patient, keep Your plan, and obey Your commands. We rely on Your armor for safety as we fight the good fight against the enemy. Spur us on to keep stepping ahead with confidence in knowing that victory is assured. Amen.

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  1. We absolutely need the armor of God. Thanks for the great reminder.


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