One Small Step

This day, we are giving God the best part of our day! We are taking in the instructions from His Word and we set out today to apply this Word in all we do. We can get a lot done today because we are starting with one small step and this small step will lead to many steps that will add up so that we will get further than we ever thought we could.

Reading today in 1 Samuel 12, Saul said he had listened to the people because that was what God had told him to do and the people had said they wanted a king to lead them. Saul reminds the people of how the Lord had delivered them from Egypt. Whenever they served the Lord, they were blessed.

As long as they walked in the ways of the Lord, they were given all they needed. The take away for us is to pass on this way of the Lord to the next generation. To pray for those that follow our lead. To keep it simple and get started with the easy part knowing God will step in to finish out the hard part.

The king we serve is our Lord. We can expect a great adventure if we take things to God and allow Him to strengthen us when we are weak; letting Him assist in brightly illuminating our joy so it becomes light along the path. 

This day with You Lord, we are making a praise list. You brighten the path along this adventure. You are providing the direction we need and we are taking the opportunity to follow Your directions. It’s an ultimate adventure we are setting out today to seize this day so we can bless others. We will encourage and brighten the day for others and work together to meet the challenges ahead. Amen.

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  1. Here is some great insight: “We can expect a great adventure if we take things to God and allow Him to strengthen us when we are weak”


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