Led in Spirit

In Revelation 17:7-18, we continue to read about the mystery as John is led in Spirit by one of the seven angels to a vision of a woman on a beast. The woman is a harlot who is transported by a beast that has seven heads which represent seven kings and ten horns which represent ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom.

The harlot symbolizes a city (Babylon or Rome). The beast is the symbol of idolatry and tyranny. Those that see government as the answer to society’s problems will continue to think they can create a heaven on earth. But Christians know who can provide heaven on earth.

We are getting another glimpse of the end of times in this reading. The people of earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world respond to the beast with astonishment (v. 8). The beast will be given power and authority from the kings to make war against the Lamb (v. 13-14).

But we know who wins the war. Only God can create a perfect place that fixes all things. Sometimes things have to be broken down first. God can make anything new and improved if we trust in His ability to turn our doubts and fears around and replace them with trust.

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This day with God, trust that He will make this a better day. Let us also look forward to the improved tomorrows.

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