Excited Child of God

This day will be amazing because of the joy of the past; excitement for what’s to come, and the thankfulness for God accepting us as His child. Thinking back to our previous study, each time the Philistines moved the arc of the Lord, the city it was placed in was devastated as the people were afflicted with plagues.

The Philistines demanded that the arc of the Lord be put back in its original place. Reading today in 1 Samuel 6:18 through 7:14, the arc of the Lord was finally returned and some were curious so they looked inside. Seventy people were killed because they defiled it when they opened it up (v. 19).

The take away for me is to stay totally focused on God and worship the ONE who can deliver from our enemies just like Samuel was doing as leader of Israel when the Philistines engaged in battle with them. Why have interest in things that are temporary and constantly changing when we can be absorbed with an awesome God of miracles!

Let us pray all the time … not just because of fear but because the Lord can help put in motion attainment of tremendous victories.  God was with Israel as recorded in today’s passage as they defeated the Philistines.  In fact, the hand of the Lord was with Israel for the rest of Samuel’s lifetime as leader of Israel (v. 13).

When we worship the ONE true God, He will be with us each day building up our character and setting things up for a future beyond our imagination. Let us have a passion for helping others see their future in new ways. With God, we can get through anything and celebrate because of the victory.

This day with You Lord, we are excited because of what You will do for our future. With You Lord, we can get through anything and celebrate the victory we will always have. Worthy is the Lamb whose sacrifice makes available this victory and the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit at work within us. We fix our eyes on You Lord and dream about the possibilities of the future. Amen.

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3 Responses to Excited Child of God

  1. Amen! Let us “stay totally focused on God and worship the ONE who can deliver from our enemies”.

    Blessings from mighty King Jesus.

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