Planning for What’s Possible

The photo was taken at a concert of Love & The Outcome as they performed one of their worship songs. We have a good, good Father and His plans make the impossible, possible. Our part is to start by accepting the gift of Jesus who has made possible the freedom we feel. Then, we start planning what’s possible but eventually the impossible is being done as God sets up things for an amazing future. Our desire is then to worship our good, good Father even more. 

Today as we read 1 Samuel 5, we note that the people of Israel were unfaithful to God and were worshiped idols so He allowed the Philistines to defeat them. The arc was then captured and taken to the house of Dagon which was one of the gods they worshiped. The city was Ashdod which was located about thirty miles west of Jerusalem. It was there that God brought devastation on the people around the city and afflicted them with tumors (v. 6).

The rulers of the Philistines then took the ark of God to another city but each time they moved it, God was against the people of that city and afflicted the people with an outbreak of tumors (v. 9). Finally, the Philistines demanded that the arc of God be put back in its original place.

The take-away in today’s reading is the need to worship and serve just one God. An awesome God providing victory in a person named Jesus who influences how we think and act. He’s also given us the Holy Spirit to set us on a path to victory with ideas, hopes, and aspirations. We should respond by listening to His Word, using the instructions, and following through by applying them in our life.

Good, Good Father, we praise You because there was at one time an obstacle to meeting with You and being the best we can be but then Jesus became the perfect sacrifice and we now have complete access to You and Your power. We are now ordinary people doing extraordinary things because of saying “yes” to Your plan. Now we can plan for what’s possible knowing that You can take our plans to an even higher level. Christ is in our heart and we are blessed beyond measure with a very great power inside that will transform our ordinary plans into an extraordinary destiny You have promised for us. Amen.

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3 Responses to Planning for What’s Possible

  1. Amen! We “need to worship and serve just one God.”

    Blessings for the morning encouragement.

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