Special Days

This day with God, we can make offerings by enthusiastically living with a purpose, meeting together with eagerness, and being interested in and caring for others. This poem was written to restore power and enthusiasm into each day.

Step Ahead

Before Christ, offerings
Involved preparation
But now, there is
No hesitation.

By accepting Christ,
There is rest
And each day is special 
So offer God your best.

Live with devotion, 
Spur each other on, 
And get in motion.

Have genuine 
Concern for each other,
Marvel at things nearby,
And things to discover.

Make everything count,
Worship with songs of praise, 
And find excitement
In all your days. 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-14-2021
Inspired by
“Special Days”
Photo – Taken on a special sunny day when we went downtown for an afternoon in my hometown of Waco Texas.  Many times we think the exciting things in life are far away but excitement might be right in your back yard. A sunset, a sunrise, wildlife, or birds in the sky. 

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