Accomplish the Victory

When we desire to follow God’s plan, we will pray like Jesus did. This will give us instructions for the tasks that need to be accomplished, the ability to keep going towards that purpose God has for us, determination to overcome the difficulties, and the encouragement we will need to accomplish the victory.

As we follow God’s plan through His word today in 1 Samuel 1, we note that Hannah was deeply troubled because she wanted a child. Hannah didn’t give up hope in her desire to have a child but she went to God in prayer when worshiping at Shiloh, she prayed so hard that her lips were moving and the priest thought she was drunk but she explained that she had not been drinking wine or beer but was pouring out her soul to the Lord (v. 15). In the course of time Hannah became pregnant and gave birth to a son named Samuel.

Wanting something very much but not getting it right away does not indicate that it is not God’s will. Life isn’t easy for anyone so don’t back down when a promise is difficult or inconvenient to keep. Keep believing in your dreams and that you have something to offer.

Keep praying on a regular basis about your aspirations in life so that they are in alignment with God’s will. Once they are aligned with God’s will, things will begin to start working so your plans can be carried out and reality will affirm continual pursuit of your dreams.

We come to You Lord again and again on a regular basis for answers to our questions. We pray for things to get better, that we have peace, but most of all that we are following Your will. We invite You into our heart right now. We ask to know Your purpose in our life and the instructions to fulfilling this purpose. We believe that You will give us the power to run our race in life so we accomplish the victory. Amen.

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4 Responses to Accomplish the Victory

  1. Great insight brother. There is so much confusion around this: “Wanting something very much but not getting it right away does not indicate that it is not God’s will.”


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  2. Lightsonlyministries says:

    Amen… help us to stay until the expected results manifest🙏🏽


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