Power Hitter

A baseball player must keep their eye on the ball and this day with God, we will keep our eye on the ONE who can make all things possible. Let us create in our mind a picture of what we aspire to be until the future becomes the present. We will not be surprised when it comes true because we’ve already seen and experienced the achievement in our mind.

As we read today’s passage in 1 Peter 5, we are coming to a close of this book of the Bible. Over the course of this study, we’ve kept our focus on what God is telling us to do in His Word. If we pay attention to the world, disorder will expand to fill the void of human failure. But if we pay attention to God, order will fill the void with greatness.

In today’s passage, Peter discusses the relationship of brothers and sisters in Christ. There are those who have accepted the Way of Christ for a while now. They have experience and are good examples to the other Christians. Peter discusses the right and wrong ways of leadership to make their movement a success.

Peter explains that those with experience in following the Way should be the shepherds of the flock and feed the sheep. They should be good examples to those who have followed the Way of Christ for a shorter time period. They should set good examples by loving their neighbor, by showing respect, friendship, being interested in their success, and honoring brothers and sisters as a child of God.

On the other hand, we are told of wrong ways of leadership which include being a know it all, bossing others around, or leading for personal gain.  We also read in today’s passage that God responds favorably to those with an attitude of humility. God opposes the proud but responds with favor to the humble (v. 5). 

Those that are learning and humbly taking in what is being taught gain faith over time. There may be times of suffering and worries but the response to these difficulties set good examples for others. If there is pressure to perform because of taking on a leadership role, pass it on to God who will be a helper that is interested in freeing up stress and enhancing the ability to be a power hitter in life.

This day with You Lord, we focus on You and are confident that we can be a power hitter of faith. We turn all our worries over to You. There are many distractions that interfere in our total focus but we humbly accept Your grace, take courage, and believe Your power will help us overcome. Amen.

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2 Responses to Power Hitter

  1. Always love a great baseball analogy. “A baseball player must keep their eye on the ball and this day with God, we will keep our eye on the ONE who can make all things possible.”

    Focus is so important.

    Blessings from mighty King Jesus.

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